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Фото & Видео [videohive] Retro Logo Reveal Pack (Pack of 3)


Автор: videohive
Название: Retro Logo Reveal Pack (Pack of 3)

Retro Logo Reveal Pack (Pack of 3)

 alt="Изображение [videohive] Retro Logo Reveal Pack (Pack of 3) в посте 1125" title="Картинка [videohive] Retro Logo Reveal Pack (Pack of 3) в посте 1125"

Pack of 80s Retro style Logo Reveal After Effects Template. Get the feel and vibe of 80s and 90s with this logo reveal pack.
Just like the Television series of 80s you can easily create intros for 80s inspired Works.
There are 3 versions of Logo Reveals with different themes.
In the Night City version you can take out the dark clouds and replace them with your own footage or leave blank. Matte Of The Skyscrapers are included for easy editing.
You can change the coloring of the logo or text easily. You can also control the adjustment of the double color logos easily. Change the purple and Blue color to the color of your choice.
Easy to edit Project simply replace your logo or edit the text version and hit render.
The free creative common VHS glitch footage is provided by Christopher Huppertz and the longer version can be downloaded from the links below.
VHS Glitch - Video Clip

The music used inside the preview is not included and can be downloaded from the link below.
http://audiojungle.net/item/the-80s-synthwave-pack/12946485?s_rank=28 If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
The fonts used inside the Project can be downloaded from the link below.
Autumn Regular font
Dear Joe 6 Font | dafont.com